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Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

Metamorphosis in insects is often followed by destroying in tissues at larval phase is replaced by networks of cells that have differentiated new. Insect molting to grow in a way that is new cuticle growth with increasing body size. There are three types of growth in the Insecta:

  1. Ametabola, the stage is not the larval stage, the moth and sample like a fleas. 
  2. Hemimetabola, namely through the stages of metamorphosis pro-nimpha which occurred just after hatching. After that, the insects have nimpha stage. In hemimetabola metamorphosis, the wing rudiment, genital organs, and the structure characteristics of the other developments already formed but not yet perfect. However, these organs grow perfectly at the end of molting. An example can be found in locusts and vermin.
  3. Holometabola, the metamorphosis that began with process larvae after hatching. Undergoing molting larvae will grow and large. Stages of suffering among larvae instar called molting. After the final instar stage formed pupa. During the formation of the pupa, there was the formation of adult structures.

Hormones that affect the metamorphosis of butterflies - butterfly Molting and metamorphosis are controlled by several effectors such as hormones, namely:

  1. Juvennile hormone, secreted by the corpora allata. Tues allata active corpora sekretori for molting larvae. During juvennil hormone stimulates ekdison formed hydroxy molting and produce a baru.hormon instar larvae juvennil also function to prevent induction of changes in gene expression ekdison important during metamorphosis 
  2. 20-hidroxyecdysone, serves to initiate and coordinated or regulate each stage of molting and regulate gene expression changes that occur during metamorphosis ekdisis process.  
  3. Prothoracicotropic (PTIH), molting process is initiated in the brain, which produces hormones neurosekretori cells Prothoracicotropic (PTIH) who responded to neural, hormonal, or environmental signals. PTIH the peptide hormone that stimulates the prothoracic glands ekdison from.

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